I Surely Cannot Have Bed Bugs, Right?

Why not, the Empire State Building had them, flagship Nike Store in New York had them and even Google had bed bugs.  What makes your hotel in Toronto so different?  Bed bug bites are at epidemic proportions now and can be found in all major hotels.

Bed bugs
are not choosy and it is a myth that they are only found in dirty down market establishments.  Bed bugs are not that choosy – in fact they prefer a nice clean linen to fighting their way through dirt and debris to get to their source of food – human blood.

The fact that you are a hotel gives you a high level of chance that you will get bed bug bitesBed bugs are transported from establishment to establishment via people’s luggage.  They cling onto people’s night clothes or any clothes that have touched an infected bed and then are packed away in the suitcase as your visitors move from place to place.

So how do you know that you have bed bugs or bed bug bites?  Well bed bugs are shy, little, nocturnal creatures that like to hide in crevices and under mattresses so you are unlikely to see them directly.  They do leave behind small dark red dots that are their fecal matter so train your room staff to keep an eye out for these signs.

Unfortunately the first time you hear of your infestation may well be from a customer complaint.  That is not going to do a lot of good for your reputation.  You now know that there is a bed bug epidemic and that clean places get infested as well as the dirty ones, but will your customer understand?  Probably not.

So the answer is to obtain regular, precautionary pest spraying from your Toronto pest control company.  They will make regular and discreet visits to your hotel in order to check for infestations and deal with any warning signs very quickly.  This will ensure that if bed bugs have arrived at your hotel they are dealt with as soon as possible.

When the word discrete is used, it means that you will not have sign written vans parked outside the front of your hotel with workmen moving through your corridors as in the “Ghost Busters”!  A professional Toronto pest controller knows about the bed bug infestation, knows how to recognize the signs and more importantly knows how to kill the bugs before they become a problem to your hotel!