What Are Bed Bugs?

They are small parasite type, bloodsucking insects.  Some of these insects prefer to feast on human blood while they are sleeping as opposed to other animals.

The bed bug is is able to pierce the skin of a sleeping human with feeding tubes.  Although they normally prefer to feed ever 5 days or so, some have been know to survive up to a year without food.

The scary thing is that some of these bed bugs that are being found in urban areas have built up a tolerance to pesticides and traditional methods used to eradicate the nuisances.

When one understands that there is an infestation, you have to know how to get rid of bed bugs, because these little critters can cause an enormous amount of stress, itching and sleepless nights.

Are Bed Bugs Coming Back?

Yes I am sorry, but bed bugs are alive and well and biting in Toronto. It is a myth that you only find bed bugs in dirty homes. Bed bugs don’t eat dirt – they eat human blood and are quite happy wherever there is a supply to be found.

It is thought that the rise in bed bugs in Toronto is caused by the increase in travel and hotel stays. As people have travelled from one country and hotel to another, bed bugs have travelled with them. Nestling in the clothes that they first made contact with. So as you open your luggage they have made their new home in your nice clean bed.

Bed bugs are flat in shape and very shy creatures, so they nestle in cracks and crevices and are difficult to find. They are quite large for bugs, about 4mm so it is easy to see them with the naked eye if they stray out at any time. You can also see their ‘faecal pellets’ which are dark red blood stains, on your bedding.

You know if you have been bitten by a bed bug, if you come up in small, red, itchy welts. Apart from the obvious discomfort, there is no reason to panic as they are not known to spread diseases. Although scratching a welt can introduce dirt and disease into your body.

Old wive’s tales say that you can spray and steam them into submission – but all that happens is that they hide from you. They hide under the mattress, in bedding, in flakey walls or even cracks in the furniture.

Getting rid of bed bugs in Toronto is always a job for the professional Toronto pest controller. They will come into your house or hotel and spray, steam, launder and vacuum to get rid of them. They will also spray and seal areas where the bed bugs will hide.

A Toronto pest controller will know how to get rid of your bed bugs, harmlessly to your family and guests as well as being very discrete. They have done this hundreds of times before – because bed bugs really are coming back to Toronto!

Where Can I Find More Information?


Myths and Facts About Bed Bugs

There are many myths and facts about bed bugs and people are often confused about what is real and what is not. Not knowing the truth about bed bugs will make it hard to find, identify and kill them. Below are several myths and facts about bed bugs that every person should know.

Myth – One of the most common myths about bed bugs is that they are small. People think that they are so tiny that you will never be able to see them when they are in your bed.
Fact – They are small but not so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Knowing when to look for them is key. They are nocturnal and can often be seen at night. Knowing what they look like is also a great thing to know when looking for them. It helps to know what you are looking for.

Myth – You can get bed bugs by being in a room that has them.
Fact – You cannot get bed bugs by simply being a room that has bed bugs. Bed bugs are unable to jump and therefore cannot jump from a bed to a person’s clothes. Bed bugs do not like light and therefore rarely come out in the daylight and do not like to disturbed.

Myth – Bed bugs can spread disease
Fact – While bed bugs do bite they very rarely have been found to spread disease. They in fact pose no health hazard to those who have them in their homes. People do however complain that the bites do hurt and you will quickly know if you have bed bugs or not. They are similar to mosquito bites and it has been reported that people will allergies have had reactions after being bitten by a bed bug.

Myth – Bed bugs are only found in dirty homes
Fact – Bed bugs are not limited to dirty places they can in fact be found in both dirty and clean places. They have even been found in hotels and motels and other public places that are cleaned often.

Myth – Pesticides and chemicals will kill bed bugs
Fact – This is partly true but they cannot be used alone to kill bed bugs. They must be used in conjunction with some other form of treatment in order to fully kill them.

Myth – If you are covered up you won’t get bitten.
Fact – It doesn’t matter if you are covered up, the bed bugs are in the sheets, on top of the sheets and they can bite you no matter what.